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Weekly meetings are held every Tuesday from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Timberline Church Rooms 201 and 202 (east doors)

2908 S. Timberline Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80525

"I like scouts because I have fun camping with my friends"

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Campout ideas

Posted on Jun 27 2016 - 3:27pm

Here are some ideas that the scouts working on next year's calendar came up with. You'll be getting a survey from Johnnie soon asking for feedback and more ideas. The ideas so far include: Rock Climbing with repel off Weaver's Thumb -- Make sleds, sledding up Poudre Canyon -- Yurt Trip and/or avalanche training -- Camp at Chimney Park and ski at Snowy Range -- Triathalon: feet, water, and something with gears -- Canoeing with cardboard canoes -- Cooking by numbers -- Wilderness survival -- Make our own hamocks and use pioneering towers to hold them up -- Rafting -- Campout with hike -- Backpacking -- Bikepacking -- Mtn Biking -- Night hike on a full moon -- Hike with a game at the same time -- First aid disaster or search and rescue -- Fire and Ice with service project -- Archery and/or shooting -- Scout Olympics. If you have more ideas please let someone know! We still need more ideas and there's a lot of work to turn these vauge ideas into something that will work.

Looking For A Few Good Scouts

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 10:03am

Hey scouts, it's time to start thinking about next year. Campouts, themes for meetings, ideas for patrols, everything. On the last weekend in August there will be a planning campout and we need good ideas before that campout. That's about three months from now. It sounds like a long time but last year it took longer.

Intro Backpacking Trip

Posted on May 9 2016 - 11:51pm

The Adventure Campout on May 13 - 15 is our introduction to Backpacking campout. 

Please keep in mind that there is no requirement, or intention, for anyone to go out and buy a bunch of brand new gear for this camp out.  The goal here is to introduce the Scouts to backpacking and how fun it can be.  Gear should be packed as well as possible, at the very least Scouts should bring a day pack to use for the hike into camp on Saturday. Please contact your Patrol Leader ASAP if you have any questions on gear.

Scout Account Balances Updated

Posted on May 9 2016 - 5:17pm

Scout account balance information is posted online and current through 05-09-2016. Using Internet Explorer, you can access the document at the following link: http://t188.org/password/Scout%20Account%20Balances/2016-05-09.pdf

Micah Zhang's Eagle Scout Project

Posted on May 4 2016 - 10:09pm
Scouts and Adults are needed to help! SIGN UP ON THE WEBSITE NOW!
When: Saturday May 7th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Orientation for Active Adults

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 3:15pm

At the May 3rd troop meeting, we will be holding an orientation to the Timberline Church policies regarding active adults in our troop.  This is REQUIRED for all adults who plan to go camping with the troop or otherwise interact closely with our scouts in any capacity, whether or not you hold an official leadership position.